Report a nest

As the leaves fall, Asian hornet nests become more visible. Nests found now are no longer active, there are no hornets in them. So they do not need to be eradicated. Abandoned nests will not be used again the coming season. Reporting it is still useful for research and evaluation of eradication measures.

Contact the fire brigade or a private eradicator in case of immediate danger, for example, when the nest is near a residence or another high-risk location.

What happens with my report?

  • You will receive a list of recognized Asian hornet eradicators in Flanders immediately after reporting.
  • We validate your report, which may take a few days.
  • We will notify you if it is indeed an Asian hornet nest.

Is eradication free of charge?

There is no coordinated Asian hornet eradication in Flanders, so we do not automatically assign an eradicator for an Asian hornet nest. The government currently does not reimburse eradication costs anymore.

Report a nest

It is important to submit a photo in which the wasp is clearly visible. Different species of wasps build the same type of nest this time of year. A clear photo of the wasp is needed to determine the species.